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Booking No.Last NameEstimated Release
Estimated Release
Discharge StatusDischarged
20160902202 ADAMS 10/21/2016 1h 54m RCDC/Interview No
20160831042 BAKER In Transit to DOC No
20161017072 HESTER 10/21/2016 1h 14m RCDC/Interview No
20160816022 HILL 10/21/2016 0h 24m RCDC/Interview No
20161017040 JOHNSON In Transit to DOC No
20160427008 KING In Transit to DOC No
20160508132 PRICE 10/21/2016 1h 19m Processing Discharge No
20160923067 RIVERA In Transit to DOC No
20161016001 THOMAS In Transit to DOC No
20160830174 TREADWELL 10/22/2016 0h 24m RCDC/Interview No
20160820073 WOODS In Transit to DOC No

Release time is an estimate ~ it may not reflect the actual release time.
Home > Detainee Discharge Tracking

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